Welcome to JPW Fishing

Thank you for taking the time to visit JPW Fishing, this site is all about Jack (my son and fishing partner) and Paul (me, a disabled angler ).

Where we fish, how we fish and as much as we can about disabled access to all the fisheries we visit. We will try and provide useful information for all types of anglers at any level. 

I rediscovered the pleasure of angling fairly recently and fortunately Jack has caught the bug too, we are learning as we go and hopefully you will benefit from what we learn too.

We find it a great stress reliever and can completely forget everything else while by the water, the joy we both get from the water and the surrounding nature, we both agree that when you feel the bite and strike into it the buzz is electric.

We hope to welcome many new anglers to the water and maybe help some that have been doing it for years. We would also like everyone to share their techniques and tactics that work for them.

Tell us where you fish and the methods used.

We will be visiting as many places as we can and will place information on quality of venue, access and of course the fishing.

Our long term goal is to build a comprehensive list of all disabled friendly fisheries in the UK (and maybe further afield). Be they still waters, rivers, beach, sea or commercially run waters.

We welcome any info from clubs or organisations that would like to be featured on our site. Whether they are fishing locations or providers of facilities and equipment for disabled anglers.

If you wish for us to review your fishery and have good access then please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to get to you.

We welcome feedback and will take notice and improve this site where ever possible.

Thank you for your visit and please enjoy the site.

Jack and Paul

Types of Fishing

Coarse fishing is the main type of Fishing practiced in the UK. It encompasses most freshwater fish and fisheries including still waters and rivers.

 Carp Fishing is also very popular and is usually done at commercial fisheries across the country, There are many rivers containing good heads of carp which are becoming more accessible to all.

Fly Fishing is also very well supported and is most often used for Game fishing but also sea and now predator fishing.

Sea fishing is also very popular and being an island there are a lot of opportunities for getting a line in the sea in UK.

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Gallery for all non-featured pictures taken
Jack and Pauls' Fishing Blog
Fishing blog of Jack and Paul. Updated regulary with our fishing adventures and tactics including preparation, set up and all bankside infromation we can relay.
Contact Us
contact us form for all questions or information
Sparsholt College
Jack made it to Sparsholt College for his Fishery management course
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A wide range of goods in partnership with Vevor.VEVOR is a leading brand that specializes in equipment, tools and has one of the BEST innovated technical teams