Silstar Master Carp Freespool Fishing Reel 5000

The reel looks, feels and performs way above it's price tag of just £14.99.

It is a very sleek looking reel, all black with silver flashes on 3000 and bronze flashes on 5000.

The 3+1 ball bearings make this a very smooth reel.

The push button handle is very convienent when packing away.

The baitrunner is very smooth and easily adjustable.

The clutch is easily adjustable and instantly responsive to adjustment.

Very nice action when playing the fish and great line release when casting.

Handle is good size too, big enough to feel comfortable but not so big it gets in the way.

Highly recommended, you will not regret buying this reel, equally at home playing fish large and small.

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Silstar Master Carp Freespool Fishing Reel

The Master Carp Freespool Fishing Reel is a high performance specialist 

reel with an adjustable freespool system. This fishing reel has a smooth

ball bearing system and silent anti-reverse for excellent performance. 

Fishing Reel 

> Rear Drag 

> Push button handle 

> 3 + 1 ball bearings 

> Silent anti-reverse 

> 1 spare graphite spool