2 Hard Days - Paul


Today was the first of 2 hard days fishing. We started at about 9am at the Pit at Fields End Fishing in Doddington, Cambs. 

Fields End is a day ticket fishery located on a caravan park. Nice friendly place and staff.


"The Pit" is host to many varieties of fish including Carp, Crucian, Tench, Perch and Roach, the largest carp to be caught in "The Pit" so far is 27lbs, and one regular recently took a 10lb Tench. We had a couple of very rough hours on the Pit with the wind howling and no fish showing at all and I was having trouble with the terrain so we decided to move to the other lake on the site called the pool.

"The Pool" opened for fishing in September 2004. It has been stocked with thousands of Carp, Chubb, Barbel, Ide and Tench - ranging from half a pound to ten pounds. The pool is a fairly new commercial fishery that is heavily stocked and usually guarantees a bite a chuck. It is a level site with easy access for the disabled and conditions allowing (ie. not waterlogged ) blue badge holders can drive their cars right upto their swim. This makes for a pleasant fishing experience.

We started at the Pool early afternoon and had a slow start so moved swims to follow the wind like the fish seemed to be doing, the move proved worthwhile with Jack straight into fish and myself soon afterwards. We both had multiple carp, little ones upto 3 lbs but they all count especially on days like these when conditions are tough for fishing.

We both used flat method feeders with wetted pellets on and Jack had hard pellet on the hook and I was using super fishmeal flouro pellets.

It was a hard but worthwhile day and I think the sudden drop in temperature was to blame for the lack of feeding fish.


Day 2 started at 4am, up and breakfasted and on the bank before 5am.

We were at Mepal Block Fen run by Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling Society. At around 20 acres these large former gravel pits offer quite a contrast to each other to form a great complex of fisheries.

One pit is shallow and coloured whilst the other is clear and weedy.

Block Fen A

Block Fen A is highly stocked with Carp, Roach and Rudd as the dominant species, but Tench, Bream and Perch are also present. Rudd have been caught up to 1lb and Carp to 28lb, although most Carp caught are likely to be 4-5lb.

Location: A142 – Mepal CB6 2AY

Block Fen B

Block Fen B is a clear pit with an abundance of natural food. It is home to large specimen Carp up to 34lb and Pike to over 20lbs. Tench, Perch and occasional Bream can be located. Pop up rigs are favoured for the Carp and Pike. Try ledgering a lobworm for the Perch.

Location: A142 – Mepal CB6 2AY

The complex always has a small Pump lake that has poor access but holds some nice fish.


For more info visit http://cambridge-fpas.co.uk/about-us/our-waters a great value club membership

with some awesome waters.

We were fishing Pit A and started on side swim with 70yds cast to reeds beds that produce most fish.

I had a 15.46 LBs common last week from same swim so we started out with some confidence. I was quickly into large carp but unfortunately I lost it and all seem to go quiet.

We persevered with one carp rod and one feeder rod each. There were a few fish showing but not much. Again it was much colder than recently but at least the wind had dropped.

After 4 hours and no more action Jack got his pole out and quickly caught an Ide and a Perch. Both small but welcome all the same. This was all the action we could get so it was time to move swims.

We moved and set up on the end of the lake and after another 4 hours or so of trying everything we could and almost ready to call it a day Jack finally got a run on his feeder rod.

It was a strange fight ( well it didn't really till it got close ) no real run and wallowing almost like a bream so we thought it was small or a bream but once it got in close it woke up and did it's best to drag Jack in. Soon it was in the net and we were extatic that Jack had a 11.5 LB common in the net.

Jack was a bit tired by this time and not confident in handling the fish and not wanting to hurt it he took pictures of me holding it so the fish in pic is Jacks not mine :-)

It was a great way to end 2 very hard days and also was Jacks biggest weighed fish, we only recently started weighing our catches so he may have had better but this was weighed and confirmed and he was a very happy bunny, and I was a very proud Dad :-)


That's all for now, see you soon and Happy Fishing