Korum Dura Method and Mould

First thing we have to say is WOW!!

Where have you been all my life :-)

For a start these feeders are very easy to use with full set up instructions included in the pack.

Packs are available in 2 feeders of varying sizes or 1 Dura mould and 1 feeder.

They are very good value for money and extremely well made.

The mould is excellent and you get perfect shape everytime.

Can be used with wetted pellet or groundbait and both mould perfectly.

The feeders come with Korum connecters or you can use with ring swivel for connection of hooklink. Both work well and we used both ways during our session and got equal results. This is really just down to personal preferance and size and mobility in hands/fingers maybe the diciding factor. I preferred the ring swivel option as I have arthritic fingers and struggled with small connector. Jack found the connector really good and quick to use.

We landed fish from 2-8lbs during the session on both methos without any problems at all.

These feeders cast better than any we have used and we both highly recommend them for both ease of useand effectiveness.

They will work well whether you are match or pleasure fishing.

Any questions please feel free to get in touch.