Silstar green Betaine feed pellets 

Betaine pellets, all I can say is that they are definitely my weapon of choice, Betaine hard pellets as hook bait with these feed pellets softened and put on a method feeder with it all covered in glug, Betaine of course. This mixture is attraction at its core in my opinion, it hasn't failed me yet and it hopefully will continue to work well.

On a session at the pool (a venue that often appears in our reviews) I managed to bag 8 carp varying in size from barely a single pound to about 5 pounds, all of this with ice on parts of the lake. As anyone who regularly fishes all year round will know, winter isn't the best time for anglers so 8 carp in the space of about 4 hours would make anyone happy, or cold, or both, definitely both.

you can find these beautiful creations here:


On to the technical side of these feed pellets, they come in 4mm and micro sizes, they are great for releasing a lot of attraction and stay together well on the cast. I found them effective when used with dynamite baits Betaine hi-attract hard pellets as hook bait and Betaine glug for even more attraction.

These pellets are definitely effective and wont disappoint.

Thanks for reading, hope it helped.

See you in the next one,