Barbus Barbarian 12ft Avon Quiver Rod

The Barbus Quiver rod has very nice action. The quiver works perfectly when alerting of a bite whilst also striking very effectively. The action when reeling in the fish is equally effective, the quiver tip allows for a great fight when locating the fish and when judging how hard to reel, when to reel and when to let some line out. The structure of the rod allows for a lot of strain whilst also giving information about how the fish is fighting.

The rod comes with 2 tips that are easily changed, however if you don't want to have either tip on then the rod still works well and effectively so it leaves you with 3 levels of sensitivity for different species and weights of fish.

The Barbus Barbarian 12ft Avon Quiver Rod is available here:

Casting with this rod is very smooth and gives you a lot of control giving very nice accuracy especially when you get used to the rod, but it doesn't take long to get the feel for it. You can also get some very nice distance with this rod if you bare used to using the whipping action on quiver tips for getting to the other side of a lake or casting a long way down the river.

The rod is specifically built for barbell fishing which is when it comes into a league of its own but it is still a very nice, efficient and effective rod when going for other course fish like carp, bream, tench etc. It breaks down into 3 pieces so traveling with this rod isn't a problem and can fit in smaller cars if necessary. It has a nice grip and a cork handle which comes in handy when transporting the rod with hooks still attached.

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