13/04/15 ~Jack

The lack of activity recently is because my A-level exams are coming up in a month so have been, and will be revising alot and so i have not been able to upload much content. however i will give some updates on events and catches to give some more content.

First off, sparsholt, the university i hope to go to for fishery studies. We recently went for a taster session day where I had a tour of some of the facilities and even got to do a practical experiment to test for koi herpes (a deadly disease found in carp) and so it was all very interesting and motivating to get the grade in maths that i need to get in.

Secondly, the catches, one that was quite recent was a mirror i caught 2 weeks ago, about 6-7 pounds in weight at a guess lovely dark brown colour on top but had an amazing dark orange on its underbelly and on the lower part of the body, we dubbed him 'the chocolate orange fish' , it seemed appropriate. Another fish was dad's biggest barbel yet, at around 7-8 pounds, again at a guess, it looked amazing reeling it in and made him very happy and excited when he got to lift it up for a picture. 

I will be doing as much content as i can, most will be quick blog entries like this one, after my last exam on 16th June i will be back to doing the usual reviews and might even start doing more videos and more original content in more formats.

Thanks for reading, hope it was interesting.

See you in the next one,