Carp kinetics Boilie crusher review 

The Boilie crusher is very light-weight so is easy to bring along to the bank without adding a lot of weight, on its own not much different but if you have several things that are a little lighter than similar products then it makes a big difference. This also means that it is easy to use on the bank and not to awkward in your hands when using.

 However because it is light weight it is only effective for softer baits, otherwise you should only crush up to 6 boilies at a time depending on the toughness of the bait.

 On a lighter side if only using on the bank to add to your loose feed, adding to a PVA bag or using rough half or quarter boilies as hook bait then this is brilliant, simple design, easy to use and the edges have ridges to put your fingers in for easier use, I would not recommend using this if you have difficulties with hands like my fishing partner (a.k.a dad) as it can be awkward to use if you have limited movement or experience pain when using finger and wrist joints. But if you have full finger and wrist movement it is a very convenient piece of equipment to have on the bank and doesn't weigh you down at all.


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