I made it!

As some of you may know, I have been working hard to get good enough grades to get into Sparsholt college for a university course in fishery studies. This is why there has not been much activity on the website for a few months now, but I can now say with great pride and happiness that on Wednesday the 13th of august, I got the necessary grade and secured the offer to go to Sparsholt as well as being accepted for on-site accommodation without any compromises necessary. 

So now I just need to get everything I need together, have a few final socials with friends and then I'm off to Sparsholt to study how to run a fishery and look after aquaculture. I can only hope that you will all be there with me, reading blogs, watching vlogs which I plan on starting there, and maybe I will even get to meet some of you guys there. If you are going to sparsholt too, drop us a message and we can meet, it would be great to see someone who reads our website. 

As for website news we are talking about ideas to get people more involved and to get people talking, socialising, swapping tips etc. with us and our viewers. also, as mentioned in the sparsholt bit, I plan on doing vlogs whilst at sparsholt, these could be about anything from what the facilities are like to an awesome practical I wanted to share. I will also be putting regular content on the site other than vlogs whilst I am there. If you have any suggestions, venues for us to try, or want more information on something we have put on the site, feel free to get in touch, just don't forget to mention if its for me, dad, both or either.

Thanks for reading,


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